Western Stabilization

Western Stabilization performed the process of Foamed Asphalt Recycling in Hamilton City on Hwy 32. Under the watchful eye of Cal Trans we turned the old roadway into a new stronger road base! During the 3 nights in town and the 3 days outside of town Western Stabilization recycled the existing asphalt for an astonishing 9 lane miles of road! Hamilton City’s residents reaped the benefits of this recycling process by limiting the construction time and traffic delays. Not to mention the best news of all; the old pavement is now re-used and we did it “in place”.

Western teamed up with Baldwin Contractors to make this Foamed Asphalt Recycling project a success. We look forward to seeing many more projects utilizing this great recycling process in Hamilton City, Chico, and the surrounding areas.

Job info:

850,000 sq. ft. (9 lane miles!)

9 inch depth with 2.5% oil and no additive

3 nights and 3 days (6 days total, and the original plan was 9 days total)